Music Engraving


All scores will be created accurately to the reference track and not a simplified or beginner version unless requested.  The score can be provided in any key and the PDF sent electronically on completion. The time taken to produce scores can vary greatly from single page rhythm charts to full band scores, so please email for a quote with as much information as possible as to your requirements.

Full Score

As the title suggests, this is all of the individual instrument parts laid out in both a detailed ‘Master score’ (often used by the MD/Conductor) and also individual parts for the musicians. Full scores are often used in larger performance settings, such as an artist performing on a cruise ship and giving the scores to the MD of the house band/orchestra on board. There is often less room for interpretation in these scores with the parts played as written, unless the score states otherwise.

Bass Notation (With and without TAB)

Bass line notation is available with and without TAB. Very useful for teachers and students wishing to study particular bass lines in detail. The chord harmony is added above the stave to give the bassline context. 

Guitar Rhythm Charts (With and without Chord Boxes)

Guitar rhythm charts are available with and without chord boxes above. The addition of chord boxes often helps the beginner player as a reminder of the chord shapes.

Rhythm Charts/Chord Charts

Rhythm charts are musical shorthand combining standard music notation and more general instructions of navigation through a piece of music. These are extremely useful to musicians performing in function bands, in particular when sitting in for one off gigs where 20+ songs need to be learned, often without any rehearsal and at very short notice! Most professional musicians will learn their individual instrument parts of the music, but having the rhythm chart ensures everybody follows the same form, with some room for interpretation.

The majority of the rhythm charts are ‘keyboard player friendly’, where any lead lines (such as strings, brass, synth’s etc) are also included in the chart.

All of these formats can be created in a variety of ways:

  • Taken down exactly from the original track
  • Taken down from a rehearsal or live gig recording that best represents your band
  • Taken from a hand written score 
  • Or any combination of the above

Master Chart:

Bass & TAB Chart:

Rhythm Chart:

Bass Chart:

Contact Andy for a quote.

Guitar Chart: